Carlton J. Kell High School is located in Cobb County, close to Marietta Georgia, and is northwest of Atlanta. It is a public high school in the Cobb County School District. The school was founded in 2002. and the first student was accepted that same year in August. The school was named after Carlton Kell, who was a highly respected coach in the Cobb County School District. He started the girls’ basketball program at Wheeler High School where he spent eleven years as their coach. He received an award as Coach of the Year in 1972, from the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association. He also received Football Coach of the Year award for times for his excellence as a football coach at Wheeler High School. He coached a football team for eight seasons. After he left coaching he worked as Athletic Director for the Cobb County School District until his retirement.

Carlton J. Kell High School is proud to participate in the student exchange program, and we think that it is an amazing opportunity for students to spend a year abroad and experience cultural exchange. The first student to participate in this program is Mason Thomas who is a member of our soccer team. He will spend a year in Croatia, specifically in the city of Split. He’s already fascinated by the beauty of the city and surrounding area before school starts he visited local attractions and national parks. Mason is especially amazed by the beauty of the Krka National Park, and the local soccer team. We are excited to place our students in other cities and hear their stories.


New students

Withdrawing students

Exchange students

If you are doing new student enrollment you have to visit the counseling department in order to get enrollment forms that you have to complete. After you complete forms you need to call the counseling department on 678-494-7847 and schedule an appointment. If you are younger than 18 you must be accompanied by parent/s or legal guardian. Don’t forget to bring all the necessary documentation!

If you are withdrawing student you need to come and do it at the counseling office front desk. Requirements are: the person who enrolled the student (parent/s or legal guardian) must be the person that is withdrawing the student, you must provide valid ID, withdrawing form must be signed by the withdrawing person and form is generated by the counseling office front desk, student record is released when school receives a request for students record from the new school.

If you are a student that wants to participate in the student exchange you must visit the counseling office and make an appointment. When you come to your appointment with parent/s or legal guardian you will be introduced with the procedure and requirements for the exchange program. If you are a part of the soccer team athletic program you are eligible to participate to apply for Split city student exchange program. Before you apply, be sure to check out the best 48 things to do in Split guide. This guide was published by the local agency named Zen Travel Croatia and can be found on their website.


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  • Career tech
  • Counseling
  • Language arts

  • Fine arts
  • Mathematics
  • Physical education
  • Science

  • Social studies
  • Special education
  • Media center
  • World languages 


  • Band
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  • Orchestra
  • Drama


Every teacher is responsible for the attendance of the student enrolled in each class, and for conditions for giving the instructions for the students that had excused absence. By the Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law, each student is subject to compulsory school attendance. Attendance issues are handled by the Pupil Personnel Office that is located in the entrance hall of the school’s main building. When going to the Attendance office each student must present a pass from the teacher and/or administrator. Parents are responsible to notify the attendance office when the child is going to be absent from school for any reason and any period. If the illness is the reason then parents must provide valid doctors’ statements within 2 weeks of the notification. Every false notification will be penalized, and subject to school discipline commission. If parents fail to prove the reason for the absence attendance office will issue a warning, and if you get three warnings a withdrawing procedure will be activated.


Emergency card

Each child/student has an emergency card. Emergency cards are for any emergency situation and it holds contact information of the parents and other people that can take care of the child such as family members, relatives, neighbors. The purpose of the emergency card is to have an emergency contact when parents or legal guardians can’t be reached and there is an emergency situation with the child/student.

Unexcused absence

An unexcused absence is subject to penalization methods and is completely unacceptable. There is no excuse for absence such as vacation, car troubles, traveling out of town, or personal issues. The school has a zero-tolerance for the unexcused absence but school counseling offices are open for parents and children all the time. If you are facing hard times or having serious life issues school can consider absence and is ready for help in any possible way. Carlton J. Kell High School is determined to help children/students and their families in every possible way so we encourage everyone to ask for any help when needed. The worst thing to do is not to communicate, and if you don’t communicate with the school problems can just get worse.

Late to school

If a student enters the school after 8:25 am is tardy to school. What to do if you come late? Each student must report to the administration office in order to be signed in for that school day. If the student is late to school, the administration office will call parents to check the reason for being late. If parents cannot be reached then the officer will call other numbers from the emergency card. If none of the calls are successful then the student will be marked for an unexcused absence. If the students get more than 5 unexcused absences notices due to being late for school than the administration office will issue a warning. Good to remember that three warning will activate the withdrawal procedure. Students that are arriving with a late bus are not considered to be late for school.

Dress code

Each student and employee of the school must wear proper clothes. Shorts are allowed during a specific period or in case of high temperature. Tank tops are not allowed unless there is a jacket on top. Skirts above knee cap are not allowed and cleavage must be appropriate. The school is not discriminating any style and expression from students or employees but everyone is obligated to respect basic rules. It is important for everyone to maintain a certain level of personal hygiene.